Why is reading important to you?
Bruce Bishop
Bruce Bishop
Forest View Public School Forest View Public School
Oshawa, ON Oshawa, ON

Reading is important to me because it allows the reader to transport to other countries or other worlds through their imagination. It stimulates your mind and allows the reader to become a character different from themselves and learn about different cultures and customs. The book becomes a tool to teach the reader that even though many people believe in different things we are all fundamentally the same.

Books have the ability to teach and the reader can learn new facts or ways of dealing with the stresses of life in a healthy and constructive way. Books are an inexpensive way to learn new facts or a new skill which can help the reader to follow a new path in their career or life.

Books can teach or entertain in a way that television or the internet just can't match. They can stimulate engaging group discussions through book clubs or academic study. Books have the ability to change peoples thoughts and minds by convincing the reader of new ways of thinking which is the true magic of reading.

Reading is a path to knowledge which can change the world.


216th Ontario

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