Why is reading important to you?
Chelsey Mason
Chelsey Mason
Lochearn School Lochearn School
Rocky Mountain House, AB Rocky Mountain House, AB

Books are an amazing thing, they let your mind run wild, they let you escape the world around you, they help you to grow. Reading teaches us so many things, weather its to use our imaginations, solve a problem, learn something new, challenge ourselves, and so on. However, reading also brings people closer together, whether it be a classroom of children, a club, some friends, but most importantly the bond between you and your family. Reading with your children, grows your bond between you and them, it is a unique experience to watch them enquire, discover and learn all about reading. From their first words and small books to preschool books, to reading chapter books and learning many new things; its a unique experience to be apart of. But as i mentioned, reading is something you share with your family all throughout your life, from telling your parents and siblings about some cool books you read, to buying family members a good book you have read, because you want to share it with them, to even reading to a family member on their last days on earth. Reading creates a bond, and its a bond where people can come together. On a final note, reading always gives you something to talk about, even if it is just reading the local paper and having a conversation about that. Reading creates bonds, even if you don’t see it. It allows all people to relate in some way, making us all equal in a way.


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