Why is reading important to you?
Heather Ecker
Heather Ecker
East Ridge Community School East Ridge Community School
Owen Sound, ON Owen Sound, ON

Reading is important to me for a variety of reasons. From the time I first learned to read, I used books as entertainment. In the summer it would often still be a little light out when I was sent to bed, so I would sit with my book on my window sill and read until the last bit of light was gone and I could no longer see the words on the page. Every time we drove out of town, I would take a book with me to read along the way, even if that drive would be no more than 20 minutes. And I'm sure this habit pleased my parents - since I was absorbed in a book, it meant no fighting in the backseat between me and my little brother!

As I got older, reading also became a tool for gaining information. We didn't have Internet at home until I was halfway through high school, so much of my research on subjects ranging from science to history came from books. Often these books were found at my school's library. Even today, I prefer to read a news article rather than watch a news report. Reading the information forces you to focus on the information being presented more, whereas it is quite easy to get distracted while seeing the information in an audio/visual format and important points can be missed without even realizing it.

Once I had children, reading together became a way to connect and slow down at the end of the day. Before naps and bedtime, we would always curl up in a chair together (or once they were too big for that, on their bed) and read a story or two. They enjoy going to their book shelf and selecting whichever stories pique their interest that day. As my daughter has gotten older, the picture books have changed to a chapter or two of a novel, and now she easily reads those novels herself most nights. But, from time to time, she will still ask me to read to her if she's in the mood for some snuggle time.

For myself, I always have a book on my nightstand and comfy pillows to lean against on my bed. And while I'm not often able to sit and read for hours as I did as a child, I make it a habit to read at least a few pages every night. Whether the book is a thriller or a drama, fiction or non-fiction, serious or comedic, taking the time to read those few pages makes it easier to fall asleep than the nights where I have no book to read.


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