Who helped you fall in love with reading and how?
Maria Canton
Maria Canton
East Ridge Community School East Ridge Community School
Owen Sound, ON Owen Sound, ON

I still remember my first library at M.D. McEachern school in Bellevue, Alberta and how our class used to gather around the school librarian (there were two full-time librarians!) and listen to her read to us. She would use different voices and hand actions for emphasis as she led us into the world of make believe.
Afterwards we would sign out a book, or two, and I loved picking out my books and getting in line to have the due date stamped on the card tucked in the back cover.
Without a doubt, those early experiences fostered my love of reading and my love of libraries. Throughout my entire academic career I frequented libraries to not only find a good book, but to study, to do research, to read newspapers and magazines and to sometimes just relax.
Once I had my kids, I would take them to story times at the library, and as soon as they were old enough I got them their own library cards. These days, I love when they bring home books from the school library, complete with the little cataloging tabs taped on the spines. I fully support every effort to ensure schools have book-filled libraries.


623rd Ontario

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