Why is reading important to you?
Mrs. Lynn Vandervelde
Mrs. Lynn Vandervelde
Clarksdale Clarksdale
Burlington, ON Burlington, ON

When my children were little, we had a standard bedtime routine. After their bath, they got into their jammies, grabbed 2 picture books, and then leapt into bed for a snuggle and a reading. This happened every night without fail and not only without complaint but with enthusiasm. (We often had babysitters who were astonished at how easy it was to get our kids to bed) As they got a little older, my eldest negotiated to stay up a bit later and listen to Harry Potter. Although we decided that was fair as she was almost four years older, the Harry Potter series quickly became the bedtime choice for both when we discovered my youngest hiding in the hallway listening! Our bedtime ritual continued long after they were both quite capable of reading themselves. There was something very magical about finding characters that we could relate to and discovering new worlds that expanded our imaginations together.
Now that I am a teacher librarian, I love watching the excitement on the faces of our students as they discover books that they can't wait to start reading, that will carry them off on a new adventure of their own, and I particularly love when a student tells me that they are choosing a certain book so that they can read it to their younger sibling at bedtime!


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