Why are you supporting this school?
Colin Winn
Colin Winn
Sherwood Park Elementary School Sherwood Park Elementary School
North Vancouver, BC North Vancouver, BC

My biggest reason for supporting Sherwood Park Elementary is because my sister Pamela McLeod - a teacher/librarian at the school continues to be an inspiration and powerful advocate for sparking a love of reading in every child she meets. When it comes to children's literature, Pam is the most knowledgeable person I know. She LOVES reading, and it shows. She has inspired hundreds of children to embrace a lifelong passion for books, and a love of reading. The students of Sherwood Park who have Pam in their lives are the luckiest kids in Canada. Now, I'm going off to read before bed - Pam suggested I read Mimus by Lily Thul. I'm riveted!


137th British Columbia

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