Why is reading important to you?
Emma Lefebvre
Emma Lefebvre
Fenside Public School Fenside Public School
North York, ON North York, ON

As a child, my love for books came more from the illustrations rather than the stories. I was always fascinated with beautiful pictures which inspired me to become an artist. I would spend hours as a child illustrating my own story ideas and is still one of my life goals till this day! It wasn’t until I started teaching kindergarten that my love for reading grew. I saw the way the stories impacted the children and their love for books. It is still my favourite part of our school day. I also make sure to connect our art lessons to the illustrations in some of our favourite books by Barbara Reid, Todd Parr and Eric Carle. If I can inspire one child to love reading through stories and art, I’ve done my job :)


568th Ontario

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