Who helped you fall in love with reading and how?
Breanna Saulnier
Breanna Saulnier
Port Elgin Regional School Port Elgin Regional School
Port Elgin, NB Port Elgin, NB

As a young new teacher, my post secondary education has forced me to read many different textbooks and novels. One that may have impacted me the most is "The Book Whisper: Awakening the Inner Reading in Every Child" by Donalyn Miller. In her writing, she expresses the importance of reading daily and how she does so in her grade six English Language Arts class.

Go back twelve years ago and this is where my love of reading began, in middle school, with one of the best teachers in the world. She spent thousands of dollars out of her own pocket to build a classroom library that stocked enough books for every students' interests. Without the complete series of Animal Ark chapter books, I'm not sure my love of reading would have flowered at such a young age. Not only did she have an amazing library, but she also took interest in our ability to read. She worked tirelessly to ensure that her students were reading books that would bring them success. By doing this, many of my classmates including myself built up confidence in our ability to read more difficult text.

As a teacher in this school, I am very fortunate, many of my immersion students already love reading and beg for free reading time. However, there are a few students that take some convincing. If our library is able to offer them a big enough selection in texts of interest to our students, then I know I can apply some of the strategies mentioned by Donalyn Miller in "The Book Whisper: Awakening the Inner Reader in Every Child" to help my students see success. Once they have enough confidence in their abilities to read, they will sore on their own, this I am sure of.


37th New Brunswick

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