Why are you supporting this school?
Jenn Abbott
Jenn Abbott
Port Elgin Regional School Port Elgin Regional School
Port Elgin, NB Port Elgin, NB

I support Port Elgin Regional because it is a small school with so much talent and eagerness to learn. Being a rural school we do not have many of the advantages of being in a bigger town or city and we depend on each other, inside and outside the school to aid in the education of our students.
Our students have a wide variety of interests, from farming, animals, technology, woodworking, and many more based on the fact that students come from many different backgrounds and small communities.
Receiving a grant would definitely help our students understand more about others they sit next to in classes and other things that they have never seen, heard of or would never have the opportunity to experience.
Life is full of opportunities and taking chances from what we learn about through reading, and reading is personally something everyone, not only children should be able to access each and every moment.


36th New Brunswick

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