Who helped you fall in love with reading and how?
Jonelle Dunkley
Jonelle Dunkley
Fultonvale Elementary Junior High School Fultonvale Elementary Junior High School
Sherwood Park, AB Sherwood Park, AB

When I was a little girl, I was blessed enough to have a lovely elementary school Librairian. Her name was Mrs. Wright and her love of literature was infectious! As she would read the words out of each page of the books she adored, you would instantly become transported out of your seat and into a box cart adventure or through a magical wardrobe to Narnia. The words would dance off her tongue and into your heart. I was lucky enough to TA for her in high school and I was always excited to walk over to the elementary school and witness a new generation of young minds fall I love with the books she would read to them. The importance of reading goes far beyond the logistics and fundamentals of education. Those who read and are read to, live many lives through the power of story telling! I am forever in debt to Mrs. Wright as well as my own mother and grandmother, as they all showed me the importance and power that reading can manifest into ones life. Now as mother of two myself, I encourage reading in our own home and I embrace every cherished moment we share together with book in hand. One day I hope our children will show the same enthusiasm and excitement for literature to their own children, as I have happily shared with them!


160th Alberta

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