What are the three books every school library should have and why?
Kris Snider
Kris Snider
East Ridge Community School East Ridge Community School
Owen Sound, ON Owen Sound, ON

For me, as a child there were three books that really stand out as books that fed my imagination and taught me how just really enjoy the power of words and the happiness they can bring with humor, wonder, and a free trip to another place and time.
1. The Stinky Cheeseman - introduced me to the world of parody and I have vidid memories of sitting on the floor in front of our elementary school library, nearly peeing our pants while listening to the mixed up versions of our favorite tales.
2. Falling Up - Shel Silverstein brings stunning examples of nonsensical rhyming, puns, and tiny tales that cause the biggest belly laughs. I remember reading this book with my best friend in public school, taking turns from page to page and not wanting to walk away until the book was done.
3. The Babysitter’s Club series -These books taught me so much about growing up, friendships and family. They were instrumental in teaching me that everyone has a different background and story, and that variety is what makes a group of people so wonderful and their time together so meaningful. These are amazing stories for young people to learn from!
Books have such great power to teach all kinds of information and lessons, and even more valuable, they are a getaway from everyday life and have he power to transport us with imagination!


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