Who helped you fall in love with reading and how?
St. Francis Xavier Catholic school St. Francis Xavier Catholic school
Toronto, ON Toronto, ON

It would have to be my parents. Both of my parents were avid readers and they instilled the love of reading and the general love of the Arts in my sister and I. Growing up in Winnipeg I remember not just the visits to our school library, but the ones to the main branch of the Winnipeg Public Library downtown. I’m not sure how frequently we went (seems pretty often in my memory), but we would spend hours lost amongst the book shelves. My parents would be on stuff that interest them and my sister and I would be somewhere in the kids section. When it was time to go my mom would come looking for us and tell us to decide what we were taking home. I think the limit was 30 books for a kid, and 30 we would each pick. I think neither our parents or the staff believed that we could possibly read them all in the time allotted, but we would take them all and read them all.
Our obsession with books was such that whenever we walked into a mall, rather than tells us to meet at the information booth if we got lost my parents knew to find us in the back of the little bookstore (I think they were Coles) sitting on the floor reading. To this day, when we go to the mall, there is never a visit that doesn’t include a stop at Indigo / Chapters … the best part is that they close an hour after the rest of the mall so even if your short on time you will never not make it to the bookstore.


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