Who helped you fall in love with reading and how?
Camilla Ting
Camilla Ting
Dr. A.R. Lord Elementary Dr. A.R. Lord Elementary
Vancouver, BC Vancouver, BC

I attended A. R. Lord as a child, and I remember visiting the library and Miss Catchpole each day after school for book exchange. I fell in love with reading in the company of beloved books that I signed out using the little card system where I pencilled in my name and division, and the due date was stamped for me. From Little House on the Prairies to Beverly Cleary to Narnia and Anne of Green Gables, I often found my name pencilled in these paper cards year after year as I reread my favourites. In Grade 6, Mr. LeClair let me borrow books from his personal library and I was introduced to Terry Brooks, David Eddings and Anne McCaffrey. The world of fantasy took me on nightly adventures. To this day, I still have fond memories of reading about Mr. Mugs with Mrs. Peterson who taught me how to read in Grade 1.


46th British Columbia

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