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Mrs. Chris Morrison
Mrs. Chris Morrison
Port Elgin Regional School Port Elgin Regional School
Port Elgin, NB Port Elgin, NB

I have worked at this very special school for almost 30 years, and in that time, have witnessed countless students through Kindergarten to Grade 8, then onwards to high school and university, with many of them coming back to our school to become great teachers and support staff. It has been my upmost pleasure as a librarian to welcome our little ones into our library for the first time and get to see their wide-eyed wonder as they explore all the interesting and colourful books on display. Reading is such an important tool in our world ... without books and the written word, where would we be? Children need to be exposed on a daily basis to the essentials of books. Our school thrives to provide all this to our students, who will someday be our future. Our entire staff is very dedicated to promoting reading and the love of it !!!


33rd New Brunswick

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