Who helped you fall in love with reading and how?
Jonathan Hayes
Jonathan Hayes
Brock Public School Brock Public School
Toronto, ON Toronto, ON

My Mom is the person who really helped me fall in love with reading. To start with, I'd always see her reading for her own enjoyment. Every night before bed, she would spend time reading with me and my brother. Books were always around. From a really young age, my Mom would take me for frequent trips to the Newmarket Public Library. She would let me take out whichever books piqued my interest. I got to know the librarian, Mrs. Read (really!!), and she would suggest books for me as well. As I got older, I continued to visit the library and the school library became an oasis of stories and information. I love reading for school, for enjoyment, for work, for learning about the wide world around us and even as a way to spend quiet time with the people I live. This love of reading is because of my Mom. Thanks Mom! Now Jen and I get to see our own kids love reading. We are deeply thankful that they have so many champions of reading in their lives....including Ms. Kondo, our Brock School librarian who takes the time to get to know each student and is so great at sparking a love for reading in the students of Brock.


479th Ontario

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