Why are you supporting this school?
Lauren Di Iorio
Lauren Di Iorio
Ellendale Elementary Ellendale Elementary
Surrey, BC Surrey, BC

I am supporting Ellendale Elementary for a few reasons. My children attend this school, and while we nurture and foster a love of books at home, we would love to see that continue at school. It’s hard to do that when the books in the library are tattered and taped together.
Ellendale is a special sort of school community, one I’ve never encountered before. A small school of less than 150 students, the parents and staff of Ellendale are so close knit. We have students who’s parents attended Ellendale, cousins who attend school together and brothers and sisters in classes side by side. The love for this school is large and loyal and is shown in our community events and fundraisers. I am so proud to call myself an Ellendale parent!


61st British Columbia

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