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Shailly Sareen
Shailly Sareen
Bayview Bayview
Nanaimo, BC Nanaimo, BC

"Bayview" is a school with a gigantic and generous heart. This is my second year of teaching at BV, which is not only a school but also a home for numerous kids. The children truly care and value the learning provided at the school. During the time I have spent teaching here, students have demonstrated belongingness to not only their classroom and school, but also the community. More than five times during the last year and couple of months, I have observed students "fixing (repairing) books". When they find a book cover that is torn or a book that is falling apart, they ask for help to repair the book. How caring and respectful! :) I can't help but smile and offer the support they require. The kiddos at our school deserve books and an opportunity to read a variety of books.


116th British Columbia

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