Why are you supporting this school?
Sarah Dhaliwal
Sarah Dhaliwal
Parkcrest Elementary School Parkcrest Elementary School
Kamloops, BC Kamloops, BC

I am supporting the Parkcrest library because it is an invaluable resource for students and teachers alike! As a classroom teacher, it is nearly impossible to keep my classroom library up to date with all the new and exciting books that come out and catch the student's attention. I rely on our library to have the "latest and greatest" so that I can "hook" the kindergarten students and instill in them a love of reading. They look forward to their weekly trip to the heart of of school to check out their book, to visit with our librarian, and to hear a new and exciting story. Without a well stocked library, the students lose interest and will not have the deep love of reading that we need to foster in our children so that they may become successful, life-long learners.


113th British Columbia

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