Which children’s book had the biggest impact on your life and why?
Lord Lansdowne P.S. Lord Lansdowne P.S.
Toronto, ON Toronto, ON

Considering that I completed my undergrad in English and am currently an English teacher as well as teacher-librarian, I can't believe that I didn't like to read much when I was little. I remember my Mom, who is also a teacher, said that once I found the right book, I would love to read. She said that it would open whole worlds to me.
One day I picked up Ramona and her Father from the Ramona Quimby Series. I sat down on my bed and turned page after page. I remember I was supposed to be packing for a summer trip but I could not stop reading. I finished the entire novel hours later and I was absolutely hooked. I wanted to read everything in that series, and I did. After that, I wanted to read more books like it and then followed by books that were nothing like it at all. About 25 years later, I couldn't really tell you what Ramona and her Father is about but I hold it in the highest regard because, as my mother foretold, it was my key to unlock a lifelong love of reading and worlds that I would have never known.


399th Ontario

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